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TEDxIlupeju is an annual TEDx conference that aspires to be the most inspirational convergence of active citizens, scientists, young and old entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, thought-leaders, innovators, change makers and reformers.

We are positioned to inspire and share ideas that would spark conversation leading to a new breed of reformed humanity and transformed society. From Ilupeju Lagos to the world - Join US.


Purveyors of Prosperity

    Saturday, 24th Febraury 2023

    | 10:00am

    Purple Academy, 8b Town Planning Way, Ilupeju, Lagos

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Our Speakers

Kayode Adeniji ESQ

Olubori Paul Kehinde

Ayodele Olojede Florence

Joseph Onaolapo

Feranmi Owolabi

Olamide Jolaoso

Funto Ibuoye

Omowumi Fadairo

Christina Soname

Samora Akinbulumo

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